About Arpita Step Up Dance Academy

About Arpita Step Up Dance Academy

Team Step Up Dance Academy

Step up the Beat, that’s all it takes to get into the groove with the most versatile dance academy in Mumbai established in the year 2000. In today’s world dance plays an important role where lots of activities and partying goes on, There is a saying that “The Evenings are always young in Mumbai”, where the young and old love to party all night, a party isn’t a party without dancing. That’s today’s generation getting into the rhythm and love to dance away into the night. India plays a host to a lot of competitions in different cities in Dancing and Music where young and budding talents are being recognized, Kids, Housewives, Working class people want to get a taste ofname and fame by wanting to learn the different forms of dancing, but due to the lack of proper dance instructors are unable to make their mark.

That’s Where Arpita Step up Dance Academy Outshines the rest. “A CLASS APART” In the very heart of Mumbai, an accomplished dance studio enriched in teaching, nurturing, and producing the finest dancers in its various dance format of all age groups.

Since its Origin Arpita Step Up Dance Academy had molded and trained its students with the various dance formats on par with the International standards. Making it as one of India’s finest Dance Academy with a goal to strive, perseverance, teamwork, dedication, sacrifice with its fun loving ambiance are the core principle at Arpita Step Up Dance academy.

Our Goal

Arpita Step Up Dance Academy believes in to provide quality Dance Instructions and a positive energetic teaching approach to dancers of all age at various levels making sure age appropriate music is played at different leaves. Arpita Step Up Dance Academy looks forward to open up new avenues of creativity and fun through encouragement and self-confidence. It is our pleasure to serve the community the beauty of joy of movement through the art of dance...this experience we are sure will remain with your thoughts transferring your lifestyle permanently.

Our Instructors

We provide classes for every age group and all formats of dance. So just choose the style you want. And our instructors teach you all the dance forms including Zumba, Salsa, Freestyle, Bollywood, Latin, Freestyle, Bharatnatyam, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Folk and many others. Different rates shall be applicable upon the dance style, age group and prior knowledge of the trainee.

Our Studio

Arpita Step Dance Academy offers 3 rooms that are fully equipped with mirrors, wood floors, fans, and the best sound equipment that is Bluetooth enable and IPodwhich is compatible. The state-of-the-art facilities and our studio spaces are also available for auditions and rehearsals, as well as photo and video shoots. Our Studios are equipped with mirrors, sprung Marley floors, and the state of the arts sound systems.

Annual Gala

Separate Junior, Intermediate and Senior year-end shows. The Arpita Step Up Dance Academy Annual Gala is enjoyable, high energy events that allow dancers to be their best and are entertaining for family and friends. More than 800 people participated in the show this year 2016. Providing a grand platform for students to exhibit their talents.

Competition Program

The Arpita Step Up Dance Academy has a competition program and a commitment to participate. These opportunities provide a balance of performance opportunities without unnecessarily stretching the dancer beyond their limits for rehearsal and competition scheduling. The Arpita Step Up Dance Academy competes in elite dance competitions rather than dance festivals. Our students participate in State and National Levels in India, wining positions in Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Why Choose Us?

Arpita Step Up Dance Academy is committed to development and mentoring the growth of dancers and choreographers; educating a healthy and supportive atmosphere for creative expression; sustaining traditions essential to excellence in the field; and, fostering the growth of the art of dance.



Archana Kulkarni

I completed 2 years in Step up. In these two years I saw Step up growing. Its Arpita and her team's hardwork. Arpita is still down to earth as she was on the first day I met her 2 years back. Great lady !!

Students Testimonial

Deepak Gajjar

This is fitness academy all students have learned many things and benefited a lot, thank you so much Arpita God Bless your Academy for bright future.


Saher Williams

Amazing place...really helpful people. ...attended one of their classes with karan and it jus rocked !!! This was what I was waiting for ...fun workout...keep it up Arpita..u r amazing !!


Rashmi Phulkar

Fabulous place to learn dance. Had the opportunity to learn Latin and zumba with the best dance directors and instructors. Arpita madam your the best